The Armageddon Slime is a hardmode boss that triggers Superhardmode when it is defeated, and is summoned by using a Dark Matter Chunk in the Corruption in Hardmode (anywhere in the source mod version).

Bullseye55's Developmental Notes for TAPI:

The Armageddon Slime will be a miniboss. The Wall of Steel is taking its place.


  • 31500 Maximum Health.
  • 105 Damage.
  • 75 Defense (37.5 actual damage reduction).
  • Immune to the Cursed Inferno, On Fire!, Confused, and Poisoned debuffs.

In the source mod (Exxo Avalon), its stats are:

  • 37500 HP
  • 130 Damage
  • 46 Defense
  • Immune to Cursed Inferno, On Fire!, Confused, Frostburn, and Frozen debuffs.


Fires Dark Matter Flames from its center when damaged, though this does not function in Multiplayer. These flames inflict the Dark Inferno debuff. It also spawns Dark Mother Slimes when damaged, which split into 2-3 Dark Matter Slimes when killed.


  • 10 gold coins (20 gold coins in the source mod)
  • 20-25 Souls of Blight (Exxo Avalon only)
  • Armageddon Slime Mask (Exxo Avalon only)
  • 100-209 Dark Matter Soil Blocks (Exxo Avalon only)
  • Armageddon Slime Trophy (Exxo Avalon only)
  • One random piece of Armageddon Vanity Set clothing (tConfig only)

Noteworthy Events:

In the tConfig version:

The first four times the Armageddon Slime is destroyed, Primordial Ore spawns in the world. On the first defeat, the Sky Fortress is spawned, Dark Matter Ore is spawned, Superhardmode is activated, a random platinum chest with Sky Fortress Loot is spawned near where the Armageddon Slime is fought, and the Tropics biome is created on a random ocean. Also, with Shockah's Achievements mod, you get the achievement "You must like disturbing souls."

In the Source mod version:

This boss triggers Superhardmode, and spawns Onyx, Opal, Oblivion Ore, Primordial Ore, Kunzite Ore, and allows Comets to fall upon its defeat.


  • In the tConfig version of the mod, in the AI Code for the Armageddon Slime, there is a True/False Config script called "isShieldSpawned." If set to tru, the AI tries to spawn "AS ForceField," and this was probably designed to add extra difficulty to the fight. Though, no such NPC exists in the game files, so it was never implemented before the tConfig version was discontinued.


  • 16.6: Sprite change