Quad Whip
Quad Whip
Type Tool
Velocity 16
Max stack 1
Use time 19
Rarity Pink
Sell 12 Gold Coin

The Quad Whip is an upgrade to both the Dual Hook and the Ivy Whip. It can throw out four hooks without letting the previous hook return. It also functions much like the Ivy Whip in that the player can be connected to four tiles with four hooks. In addition to this, when fired it produces a glow around the end hook, proving to be a valuable assistance while mining, searching for the next ledge.

It is crafted from:

  • 2 Hooks
  • 1 Dual Hook
  • 1 Ivy Whip
  • 2 Steel Chains

The Bug......

Quad Whip Glow

The glow of the Quad Whip.


  • This item was quite possibly the hardest one to code, as it took around 6 days to complete.
  • The name is a combination of the names of the Ivy Whip and the Dual Hook.
  • The item sprite is actually a recolor of the Dual Hook with the addition of two more hooks.


  • If you're already using 4 hooks, but you press E, another comes out but one will despawn if it attaches to a tile.

    You can spawn multiple extra hooks by doing this.

  • Using a Dual Harpoon while stuck to a block using a Quad Whip, it will change the chain to the image of that used in the Quad Whip.
Quad Hook Glitch

A glitch when using the Quad Whip and the Dual Harpoon at the same time.