Type Melee weapon
Sub-Type Flail
Damage (?) 29
Use Time 45 (Extremely Slow)
Knockback 7 (Strong)
Inflicts Poisoned
Rarity Tier 3 (Orange)
Sell Value 54 Silver Coin
Material In MoonfuryMoonfury
Crafted With Makes 1
1 Silver Flail Silver Flail
10 Jungle Bar Jungle Bar
4 Jungle Shard 2 Jungle Shard
10 StingerStinger
Crafted At Iron AnvilIron Anvil
Sporalash is the Jungle-themed flail added in Avalon. Its base damage is 28, and it has strong knockback and slow speed. This weapon can inflict the Poisoned debuff on NPCs.

In the source mod, Sporalash is crafted from 10 Stingers, 15 Jungle Spores, 2 Vines, and 2 Toxin Shards. Its base damage is 34, and like the AvalonMod version, it inflicts Poison and can be crafed into the Moonfury.