Ultrablivion is the final boss in Avalon as of update 15.0.  

When spawned it will taunt the player with lines such as, "You awoke me...,", "Why would you do this?," and it is revealed that he is meant to be the guardian of Terraria, a land you, the player, have ravaged.

He is summoned using Ultra Death .


Main Unit:


  • 150000 Maximum Health
  • 160 Damage
  • 90 Defense (45 actual damage reduction).cigs
  • Immune to the Poisoned, On Fire!, and Confused debuffs
  • Spawns In Bosses

Abilities:  Fires lasers and bombs. Bombs can destroy tiles.

Green Eye:

  • 90000 Maximum Health
  • 70 Damage
  • 90 Defense (45 actual damage reduction)

Abilities: Charges at the player and spews pink flames.

Blue Eye:

  • 90000 Maximum Health
  • 80 Damage
  • 105 Defense (52.5 actual damage reduction)

Abilities: Fires lasers.